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Welcome to Home Page of AT PLUS Group.

We guess you have problems of accounting


or taxbecause you find our website.


Don’t hesitate to ask anything after looking our website.

You can get the best answer to resolve your problems.

How about the suggestion the following?


We can make the organizations of conformation to adequacy and


timeliness by Introduction cloud computing systems.


There are so many companies, using cloud computing systems today.


You can reduce a lot of running costs by using cloud computing systems.


A lot of time for bookkeeping?


So many spreadsheets?

It’s the accounting department that you can reduce extra time effectively.


We know your tax adviser disagree or not be positive for the introduce


and running of cloud computing systems of accounting although you


think about that.


Unfortunately, a lot of tax advisers don’t understand the cloud computing


systems of accounting well.


It’s too late for the introduce of cloud computing systems of accounting in


Chiba prefecture.


Do you run the latest systems with us?


About cloud computing systems of accounting



Contact us (First consultation is free)​

Service Menu

Support work for Japan expansion

55,000 yen~

 (tax included)


Company establishment support services

Consultation for business expansion into Japan

Preparation of financial statements

33,000 yen per month~

 (tax included)


Daily bookkeeping; Settlement of accounts and preparation of financial statements as of closing of fiscal year

Account settlement review

Payroll, social insurance procedures, Labor Standards Act’s consultation

Report preparation in English (IFRS, HGS etc.)

Tax representation or tax return

110,000 yen per month~

 (tax included)


Preparation of corporate tax return (including tax of EC traders selling directly from home country to consumers in Japan)

International Tax consultation


Services for Self employed

33,000 yen per month~

 (tax included)


Preparation of financial statements

Preparation of financial statements for the Blue Return

Checking and planning regarding financial affairs

Other Tax services



Investigation of inheritance assets, and planning regarding inheritance tax

Tax agency functions, preparing of tax documents etc.

Income / inheritance / gift tax return

Consultation in tax matters

Consultation with respect to the foregoing

Contact us
Kaneko Hiroki


​AT PLUS Tax Co. Representative Partner


Kaneko Accounting Office Representative


From the city Numata in Gunma prefecture.

AT PLUS,柏 税理士, 公認会計士, 金子

税理士法人AT PLUS


I independently started a business as CPA and TA office on Dec. 2016.

We established AT PLUS Tax Co. on Nov. 2020.

We provide services that Preparation of corporate tax return, Consultation in tax matters etc, for tax compliance.



We provide services Management Consulting. Our Philosophy is getting together “Thank you”, that High Productivity, Quality Of Life, Flex time system 6 hour working.

Nakajima Shizuo (Kaneko Hiroki’s grandfather, Group founder) established Nakazima accounting office Ltd. on Oct. 1989. Kaneko Hiroki succeeded the his will, change the name of company to AT PLUS Ltd. until now.


Please feel free to contact us.

The first consultation is free.

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